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Q: The turntable technique that consists of moving a vinyl record forward and backward with your hand while the record is playing is called?
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What is the difference of backward and forward linkages?

Froward Linkages - When one industry or sector produces the raw materials for another, this is referred to as the forward linkage. Forward movement of the activity Backward Linkages - Means that one industry has to depend upon another industry that is not directly related to it for services.

What is the difference between data driven and goal driven?

Goal driven reasoning or backward chaining - an inference technique which uses IF THEN rules to repetitively break a goal into smaller sub-goals which are easier to prove. Data driven reasoning or forward chaining - an inference technique which uses IF THEN rules to deduce a problem solution from initial data.

What is a bolt assist?

The ar-15 uses this. you can't push the bolt forward manually, it goes forward with spring pressure. So, if it's dirty or doesn't close properly, they have an external "forward assist" that will bump it forward when you hit it.

How do you forward a text message to an email address?

how do I forward a text message to my email address

How do you say i look forward to working with you?

" i look forward to working with you i look forward to work with you i am looking forward to working with you i am looking forward to work with you " Um... well not all of those are correct... Actually the way you say, " I look forward to working with you." is said that exact way. That's like asking, "How do you spell 'obvious answer'?" all typed out XD. The guy who posted before me, I don't know why he wrote all that...

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A technique for helping with pronunciation is 3 by 3 drilling Explain this technique?

Three by three drilling is when one dude drills three chicks at once. First backward, then forward. Hence the name, three (backward) by three (forward) drilling.

What stops car from moving forward or backward?

What stops a car from moving forward or backward

Does the clock to forward or backward on nov 1st?


What is one dimensional motion?

Examples: -- up and down, but not sideways or forward and backward -- forward and backward, but not sideways or up and down -- left and right, but not forward and backward or up and down

What is it called when a word is spelled the same forward and backward?

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same forward or backward.

Do you set the time forward or backward for spring day light savings time?

Spring forward fall backward

What is the opposite of the word backward?


Forward you are heavy but backward you are not what are you?


What is an antonym for the word backward?


Is it grammatically correct to say 'forward and backward' or 'forwards and backwards'?

Both are correct, although forward and backward are the preferred forms.

What is backward pass in football?

A backward pass is one that does not go forward. Often, the receiver of a backward pass may then pass the ball forward. Once the ball has been passed forward, it may not be passed forward again during the same play.

Give you an examples of Backward and forward linkages in Entrepreneurship?

example of backward linkages

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