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Probably not but ask your doctor or midwife

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2008-05-21 19:05:34
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Q: My breast stopped hurting during early pregnancy could this be a miscarriage?
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Does disappearance of breast tenderness at 7 weeks suggest an impending miscarriage. Had no sickness in last successful pregnancy so breasts were the only symptom?

no breast tenderness has nothing to do with with miscarriage---not all women gets pregnancy symptoms---

How do you keep your breast the size after a miscarriage?

It's the pregnancy that did that and unless you are willing to have surgery or get pregnant again, you can not.

Does pregnancy symptoms disappear if having a miscarriage?

Yes, They do. For example tenderness in breast is reduced, sign that you had a miscarriage as well as heavy bleeding n cramping.

What if your nipples have been hurting for the past week If you have stopped taking your birth control 3 weeks ago Is this a sign of pregnancy?

Hello, Your question is: What if your nipples have been hurting for the past week if you have stopped taking birth control 3 weeks ago Is this a sign of pregnancy? Nipple tenderness can indicate pregnancy but unless other symptoms are associated which may also indicate pregnancy then I wouldn't believe this to be purely pregnancy related. When you stop taking birth control, as the hormones withdraw from your system, breast tenderness is not unheard of and neither is abdominal cramping, headaches or nauseous. However, perform a pregnancy test to be certain.

Your period has stopped and you are getting light secretion in your breast?

This could be a sign of pregnancy. You should get a test.

Can you have milk come from breast when you had a miscarriage?

Yes. It takes some time until the pregnancy hormones have settled and until then your body is set on pregnant.

Do breasts stop hurting around 6 weeks of pregnancy?

Hell, I am Mrs. Truitt from Mississippi, 29, married with three kids. I am 7 weeks and my breast still hurt. I never notice my breast hurting with my other kids. I am sure that they still hurt at 6 and weeks.

If you have stopped breast feeding for more than a year but are just recently leaking could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, leaking colostrum in early pregnancy has been reported.

Both breast hurts left breast one time when i squeeze clear discharge came out my period finish and 9 days ago and my breast is hurting really bad i did blood and urine pregnancy test negative?

Jason has this problem

Does a woman's breast hurting mean she is pregnant?


What is it if you are hurting under your breast?

Your breasts are growing

Can a girl get a breast milk before pregnancy?

before pregnancy milk from breast why

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