Is there an egg after 7days of your period?

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Q: Is there an egg after 7days of your period?
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Can get your period 7days after the previous period?

Yes you can. its rare, but possible.

How long is a period for girls?

Up to 7days but every girls period varies.

You bleed 7days What is your cycle?

Your cycle is from the start of your period to the start of your period. (have alook it the lik below)

7days after a human egg leave the ovaris can you get pregnant?

No. the human ovum last 2 days Max.

You started your pill 7days after your period are you still protected against pregnancy?

Yes, that is the way it works. You are fine.

Your period is due in 7days and you have been having cramping pains is this a sign of pregnancy?

No, it's a sign that your period is going to arrive soon. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

Can you get pregnet the first day of your period?

Yes, it depends on you cycle. If your period is 7days, then no, becaus spurm last in your body for 5 days. But most lickly no , but it's possible.

Can you be pregnant you had your period two and a half weeks ago im bleeding again?

Yes you can be pregnant. Anytime you have sex you can be pregnant. About two weeks after your period your ovulate. {varies for each woman}. Once you ovulate, if there is still sperm inside you {which lives from4-7days}, you have a chance of getting pregnant, that's if the sperm and egg meet up. About a week after that you may have implantation bleeding which is when the egg buries itself in the embryo, or you could just have an abnormal period due to stress or other factors.

Does a female have to drop an egg for her period to start?

Yes she dose because you her your period because the egg is not fertilised so an egg has to be there.. If you get me

Can sims 3 have toddlers on wii?

no they go start as kid for 7days then to teens for 7days after which they become an adult

Can a girl get pregnet on her period?

No. When a woman is on her period it is because every month her body lays an egg, and when that egg isn't fertilized then it dies, the blood from that egg is your period. Its normal to miss your period sometimes.

What is the percent of getting pregnant on your period?

you cant get pregnant on your period. the whole "impregnation" takes place when you have an egg. but when you get your period, it lets the egg go and so there is no egg to fertilize.

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