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yes a line is a line,I'd say it's positive

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โˆ™ 2008-03-07 03:11:22
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Q: Is the result of a pregnancy test kit positive if the test line has a very slight color and the control line has a dark color?
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Your last mensturaion period is on 16th June and 14th July you tested pregnancy using pregnancy kit and you got slight color in test is it positive?

According to the instruction sheets included with all brands of pregnancy tests that I myself am familiar with, any color change, no matter how faint, indicates a positive result.

What could it be if your period is very little when you normally have heavy periods Could it be pregnancy if so when should you take a pregnancy test?

Many women report a slight bleed when their period is due. It is not unheard of, but is rather uncommon. An "early" pregnancy test from the pharmacy should give you a positive result now (ie when your period is due). But most test need about 7 days more to give a positive result.

Am on birth control no symptoms of pregnancy and neg pregnancy tests?

This is what you would expect to occur; but there are slight chances to become pregnant even when taking the pill.

Is it normal to have slight cramping after testing positive yesterday for pregnancy?

I would call a doctor. Good luck to you and God Bless:)

Has a slight positive charge on one end and a slight negative charge on the other end?

Batteries will typically have a slight positive charge on one end and a slight negative charge on the other end. Polar substances act similarly.

What else can a positive pregnancy test mean?

It can mean thert you're only SLIGHTLY pregnant, meaning you'll only have a slight baby. probably just the legs and an arm.

Is cramping and slight bleeding an early sign of pregnancy?


Can a woman menstruate during pregnancy?

My wife is going through the same problem,actually she has not seen her period since last two month but do have some spot and slight bleeding,she had a urine pregnancy test and the result was negative,so the answer is No.

What are my chances of getting pregnant if I've only been on the pill for 6 days and i had sex with a condom and an hour later i had sex again without one?

You should not have unprotected sex when you have been on birth control for less than 4 weeks as this puts you at slight risk of pregnancy. Perform a pregnancy test in 2-3 weeks and the result will be accurate.

Could hardness and slight soreness in the stomach be a sign of pregnancy?

No this is not a sign of pregnancy. Typically the first sign of pregnancy will be a missed period.

If i have Positive pregnancy test but have cramps and when i wipe slight pinkish discharge?

Some light cramping can be normal along with some light pink or brown discharge with a pregnancy. But it's best to check with your OB/GYN for a more accurate answer for your exact situation.

What is a slight positive charge on one end and a slight negative charge on the other end?

A dipole or a zwitterion.

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