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Not really, if you want to blow a mans arm off, go with the ak47, if you want to raid a house, use a silenced mp5 . Depends on what the environment gives you. Desert/ AK47 Urban/ Mp5 TO ADD TO THAT... the Mp5 is a 9mm gun = weak compared to the 7.62x39mm round of the AK47. The AK47 is deadly in close range, but horrible at long range, only up to 400 meters, but the MP5 can only hit up to 150 meters. Besides the MP5 is a SMG can't really compare it to a assault rifle.---ALEX CHIEM

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Q: Is the MP5 better than the AK47?
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What is better an ak47 or mp5?

The AK 47 has more range and is more forgiving of battle field conditions.

How the Indian army used there weapon?

Mp5, AK47

What were 3 guns used by the south in the cilivil war?

Mp5, ak47, rpg

Is a ipod touch better than a mp5 player?

is better by 2 miles

Is a ak74 better than a ak47 on black ops?

The ak74 is deffinetaly the better choice better rate of fire and better accuracy. However 1 bullet of the ak47 does more damage than 1 bullet of the ak74. So ak47 is mainly for hitpoints and ak 74 is better for fire rate and accuracy.

What kind of weapons are being used by US in Iraq?

ak47 m16 m15 m14 mp5 mr40 rocket launchers

Mp5 airsoft gun or ak47 airsoft gun?

it depends on what kind of marine are you inside? if your more of a backup,marksman, or some one who gives cover to others, than AK-47 if your a assassin! or some one who will run farther faster and harder,first to go, close up fighter than mp5, i honestly like mp5 more cuz it looks more modern, and the ak-47 just looks like a ghetto`er gun, that's why u see many talaban pics with aks

Which is more powerful M16 or AK47?

Both are very powerful, But the AK47 is more. The m16 has better accuracy tho.

What is better on black ops commando or ak47?

The Commando

Are the gears on a de ak47 metal?

The ak's gears are not metal, but they aren't plastic, they are a hard plastic better than abs.

What air soft gun should you buy for close quarters it has to be 330 fps or lower and not to expensive?

ak47 or mp5. They are beastly. Look around for a while and try to find some great deals.

Is the JG ak-47 better than the warhawk gen3 ak-47?

i think the jg in my opinion is better but only get the full stock jg ak47