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The ak74 is deffinetaly the better choice better rate of fire and better accuracy. However 1 bullet of the ak47 does more damage than 1 bullet of the ak74. So ak47 is mainly for hitpoints and ak 74 is better for fire rate and accuracy.

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Q: Is a ak74 better than a ak47 on black ops?
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neither gun is bigger just the bullets are bigger...The AK-47 has7.62x39mm round.The AK-74has the 5.45x39mm round.

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First, you will have to define what makes a rifle "best". The AK47 is the most common, but was replaced by the AK74 using a new cartridge. The M16 is newer than the AK47, but has longer range and better accuracy. FN, Galil, Steyr and dozens of other firms make very good rifles. There will always be different opinions, and no one answer.

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Ak47 dgi-c you can get when you reach first Lieutenant black....(ak47 dgi-c has less ammo than other ak's)

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