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Looking at naked guys does not make you gay. If however you masturbate and enjoy it sexually and are male then yes you are gay.

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Q: Is looking at naked guys gay?
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Are all the good-looking guys gay?

Not all gay guys are good-looking. Not all good-looking guys are gay. Sorry!

Are you gay if you like seeing guys naked?

No, not at all. It is only gay if you are sexually attracted to the other guys.

Why do guys look gay?

There is no such thing as "looking gay."

Is it gay to sleep naked?

Gay sex is, by definition, gay. If it is just sleeping, then it is not necessarily gay. But, guys do sometimes have sex with guys when they aren't necessarily gay. Think prison. Plus guys can be curious with each other. Also, guys can ow each other favors.

Is Samwell gay?

Yes Samwell is gay, that's why there is two naked guys booty-bumpin' in the music video "what what in the butt"

Do all guys like looking at naked pics of girls?

Ooh, that's a hard question... Let me think. Could it be something to do with sex, and puberty, and curiosity. Girls and boys have different attachments, so they like to take a closer look when they can, just for educational purposes.

I get hard when around guys in boxers or naked does this mean im gay?

homosexuality means that you are attracted to people of your gender.

Do all guys look at other women?

No, most guys prefer looking at females naked !

Is it only gay guys that ware eyeliner?

NO it's not it's a known fact that some guys like to ware it and feel better and better looking with it on. Some women find then good looking whaen a guy has it on. So no it's not only gay guys.

Are you gay if you like looking at guys bending over?

No, girls do it all the time.

Why do guys find lesbians attractive?

because looking at to girls making out or just naked together is fun