Is it gay to sleep naked?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not necessary. Some guys sleep naked when it's the night is warm or when they're with their partner.

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Q: Is it gay to sleep naked?
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Is it okay to sleep naked with your mom?

No, if your mom wants you to sleep naked with her she is doing bad things. You should tell a teacher, or a police person. They will get her get the help she needs. It is never OK for mom or dad to ask you to sleep naked with them. No adult should want you to sleep naked with them ever. Unless if she is a MILF and the last part where" No adult should want you to sleep naked with them ever" if my adult Girlfriend wants me to sleep naked with her i will and get some

Is looking at naked guys gay?

Looking at naked guys does not make you gay. If however you masturbate and enjoy it sexually and are male then yes you are gay.

Is it better for boys to sleep naked or not?

There is no 'better' for boys or girls to sleep naked or not - it's their choice, not yours.

How do you have the best sleep over ever?

Have a naked pillow fight and post it online (if you are a guy you can but I don't suggest it unless you are ok with the fact every1may think you are gay)

Does the Jonas brothers ever sleep?

they like to sleep naked =) id love to tap that( they do not sleep naked, they sleep in PJ's. If they fell asleep naked they would have a photo of it. No Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Is it a sin to sleep naked?

No, it is not a sin to sleep naked. There is no command in the Bible that would make this sinful.

Is it fun to sleep naked?


Does Gerard way sleep naked?

In a Fuse interview, he said he can't sleep naked and described himself as a 'pyjama guy'. However when he bought his infamous skeleton pyjamas, he found them too hot to sleep in and had to sleep naked a few nights while on tour.