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Q: Can you grow taller if you sleep naked?
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How many hours of sleep do you need to grow taller?

You need 8 hours of sleep, and you have to be in deep sleep at 1-4 a.m.

What can you do to grow?

well!.....just sleep often trust me i was taller than my cuzz now hes taller than me through sleep so your basic answer is sleep. ( im going through the same issue)

What kind of lacks in the human body so that they can't grow taller?

sleep and calcium

How do you get taller in your sleep?

I am a Doctor and all it is, is that it hurts when you grow cause your body is pulling so god made you grow only in your sleep so that it doesn't hurt when your awake and trying to enjoy your day. :)

Does sleep make a 14 year old male taller?

There is no scientific evidence, but it might influence how you grow. People don't really grow during sleep, but it's just that your constantly growing. You might grow faster during sleep, but again there is no conclusive scientific evidence.

What should you do to grow taller as much as 20 cm?

Eat healthy have plenty of sleep and do a lot of sports. You can't really control how much you grow though but these will increase how much you grow.

How do you grow taller in 2 month?

How we grow taller 4 months

How can you grow taller in your sleep?

You already do. When you are asleep, as a child or teenager, you grow very much (relative to how much you would normally grow in the daytime). Since you are not using your body as much, the body can make its repairs and grow.

If your still growing how do you grow taller?

You can't grow taller than what your DNA determines.

Can grow taller pills help someone get taller?


When does your body get taller?

your body start to get taller when you grow!

How can a 13-year-old grow taller?

eat sleep and be lazy all day before you know it you will 7 feet tall take it from me.