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Yes, it is completely normal to get brown discharge for four days before your period, this is spotting which is just light bleeding as your period starts. A virgin is absolutely no different to a non-virgin.

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Q: Is it normal to get brown discharge 4 days before period in virgins?
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Is it normal to have discharge before your period?


Is it Normal to have yellow discharge before period?


Is it normal to have brown discharge before your first period?


Is it ok to have a lot of discharge before your period?

Yes it's normal.

Is it normal for girls before they start their period to have clear liquid like discharge?

Yes, it's normal.

Bright red discharge prior to period?

If this happens a day or a few hours before your period then this is normal.

Is it normal to have discharge while on your period?

It depends on what type of discharge. If the discharge is blood, then of course it is normal.

Do you get discharge if you have not had your period?

Yes. You get discharge before you get your period.

How long will you have discharge before your period?

Discharge starts as you enter puberty - there is no specific length of time between starting to get discharge and getting your first period, however it is normal to get your first period will start within four years of starting puberty. It's also normal just before your first period to see changes to your discharge such as clear stretchy discharge like egg-whites 2-3 weeks before your period which then becomes thicker and heavier getting closer to your period, often followed by pink or brown discharge ('spotting') just before your period starts.

Is it normal to have discharge for more than a year before having your first period?

I'm sure it is. I not, we're in this together. I am 13 and have had discharge since I was 10 but still no period.

Can you get white creamy vaginal discharge 2 weeks before your period or is that more so a pregnancy sign?

A vaginal discharge before a period is normal as is in pregnancy. See a doctor if you suspect you may be pregnant.

Is it normal to get nausea and brown stretchy discharge before my period?

No, Brown stinky discharge is gonnorhrea see a doctor for drugs Joymaker RN

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