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Yes it's normal.

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Q: Is it ok to have a lot of discharge before your period?
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What are signs that you're about to get your first period?

Ok.... Depressed, cramps, discharge for a year, Moody, weigh 100 pounds, etc Thats all the signs I got before i had my first period (I'm 13)

Is a discharge before period ok?

perfectly normal :) the only time you may need to see your doctor is if it starts to smell, changes in colour, or you start to get painful urination/ sex/ etc

Is it ok to drink alcohol before your period?

why drink alcohol in the first place. it'll be easier to stop if it's not ok

Is it normal to have a period at the beginning of the month and one at the end?

its ok but if it is Happening a lot and you are getting your period too much then just contact your doctor

Why ovulation discharge is not stretchy on the day of ovulation?


Do you need to see a doctor if a have brown discharge?

Depends on where the discharge is coming from. If the discharge is from the anus, you're ok, but if the discharge is coming from the sex organs, go see a doctor.

Is it OK to download a lot of music on your iPod all at once?

yeah.ive done it before and its fine

Is it ok to mace someone who makes you feel threatened?

No, that is an assault. They must deomonstrate an overt assaultive act before you can discharge a chemical weapon at them. Feeling "threatened" is not enough.

I'm 8months pregnant and have yellowish discharge is that ok?

Call your OBGYN.

When going through puberty is it ok to skip periods?

yes it is normal to skip a period . this is because there are a lot of hormonal imbalances in the body.

Is it OK to get a gyno exam while on your period?

It's A TON better if you schedule your gyno exam after or before you period. Talk to your doctor and she if they want you to wait until you end your period or just come in.

Is it normal for your period to come back when your in the pool a day after its finished?

When my periods finished i have brown discharge is it ok if i swim when i have that with no tampon? The last time i was on my period i went int he water a day after my period had finished. I had brown discharge but i didn't think that it would matter so i went int he pool. I came out and went to the bathroom and there was blood in my bikini pants! Luckily i had a pad on me! The next day my period was gone again! I am now on my third period and I on holiday i am only 13 and i love swimming but i don't want to wear a tampon! My friends are on holiday with me and we are going to go on a swimming trip together a day after my period has finished will i be ok to go or will the same thing happen? My periods only last 3 days.