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If the spotting is brown blood then this is simply left over blood from your period.

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Q: Is it normal to begin spotting a few days after a period appears to be completely over?
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My period lasted two days and i still have spotting's?

Probably not pregnant at this time.

Is 'spotting only' period normal?

No spotting only period is not normal. You should consult you gynae for such case.

You take the morning after pill you get your period when your sopposed too and your period is normal but after its done you have spotting is that normal?

Spotting is very normal while on the pill. After a few months you shouldn't have any spotting.

Is spotting normal before your period?


3 days normal period 4th day STOP 5th and 6th day brown spotting are you pregnant?

No your not pregnant. You can only be pregnant if you miss your period completely.

Is Brown spotting 2 weeks after period is over normal?

no not normal

What happens if your not on your period but blood comes out?

Chances are, you are spotting. If you are around other women who are ont heir periods it can cause you to spot. It is completely normal.

Is it normal to have your period for 8 days while your on the shot?

It is normal to have your period for eight days but only if it is normal - spotting.

Is it normal to have spotting for days followed by period?

Yes.. It is pretty normal for most women. If the spotting beyond your period lasts longer then a week, consult your dr!

Is it normal to get brown discharge 4 days before period in virgins?

Yes, it is completely normal to get brown discharge for four days before your period, this is spotting which is just light bleeding as your period starts. A virgin is absolutely no different to a non-virgin.

What does it mean if you bleed again about a week after you end your period?

Honey, it's called a spotting. It's completely normal. If you have had sex, it's possible you may be pregnant.

Is it okay to to spot before your period?

Yes, it's completely normal to spot before your period - spotting is light bleeding, menstruation normally starts light like this and then gets heavier as it goes on.