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You can put the newer style floating wood floors onto a floor with tile. Also, if it is old VCT tile, there are glues that will allow you to use their product to glue the wood to the floor. Unfortunately, nail down wood is not acceptable.

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Q: Is it good to put wood floors on top of tile?
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Can you replace a tile floor with wood laminates withouth removing tile?

If you are installing a floating laminate floor, you can easily put it right over the tile.

How do you install ceramic tile over ceramic tile?

It is best to remove the vinyl tile. If it is not on cement and is on wood you can install cement backer board. Be sure to put thin set under the board. If you spend the money and time to install ceramic tile and the vinyl tile comes loose all that $ is down the drain What is the best tile cement to use and this cement tile can be installed on vinyl tile and install ceramic tile on it

Do you lay tile before or after trim?

Generally you would put the trim on after the tile is done. Especially if you are laying ceramic tile and need a mud base or cement board. If the room connects to another without tile, I would do the trim first. For example, the kitchen has tile and it flows directly to the dining room that has wood down and won't be replaced. If you put the trim down after the tile, the trim in the kitchen will be at least 3/4" taller then the dining room. This is only an issue when you have a really open floor plan.

What is the difference between a tile setter and a tile finisher?

The difference is a tile finisher preps the floor/wall or any thing that the tile is going to be put on and a tile setter is the man or woman that sets the tile in place wear they need to be...just a quick basic run down .!

Can you place hardwood floor over tile?

This depends, most of the time, no. If you would like to put solid 3/4" nail down wood, no. If this is vinyl, even though the nails would go through the floor, it would not allow the floor to expand and contract with the seasons. Besides voiding your warranty you take a big risk the flooring will fail completely. Ceramic tile, goes without saying, you cannot nail into it. There are some types of glue that allow you to glue directly to vinyl tile. They are somewhat expensive and must be special ordered. Be sure to check with the manufacture and ask to see the product spec so you can save it with your warranty. Most engineered wood flooring can be glued, but you need to check. A floating wood floor may be placed over both vinyl and ceramic. This is assuming the floor is solid and no tile are cracked or pushed up. With all floating floors, you must have a floor level within an 1/8" in a 6 ft radius.

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Can you install porcelain tile over wood floors?

Not directly. Wood moves with changes in temperature and humidity, which would cause tile to come unstuck rather fast. You'd need to put in a layer of inert material first, like sheetrock, fibreboard, mdf or similar.

Can ceramic tile be put over hardwood flooring?

Put hardibacker over the wood and lay the tile on the hardibacker. Make sure the wood is firm and level.

Can you lay ceramic tile directly on sub floor?

No unless it is a cement substrate. Wood sub floors are not strong enough. You need to have a mud bed poured or put some type of cement board down.

Can you replace a tile floor with wood laminates withouth removing tile?

If you are installing a floating laminate floor, you can easily put it right over the tile.

Can you put concrete floors on top of existing wood floor?


How do you put in hard wood floors?

you you cut cut it it to to size size..

Remove shine on wood floors My wood floors are so shinny they show everything. Is there anything you can put on them to take the shine off?

there's nothing that you can put on them to make them less shiny your option here would be to sand them and put a low gloss finish on.

Could you put tile on drywall?

Yes, as long as your drywall is in good shape, you can tile it.

Should you put in cabinets or laminate wood floors first?

you build a house from ground up... floors down first, then hang up the cabinets

Can a landlord make you put rugs on wood floor or give you rules about what shoes can be worn on wood floors?

If it's stipulated in the lease and you agreed to it by signing it!

When installing hard wood floors do you need a lining on the floor first?

It is a good practice to put down a sub floor first. Use 1/4" luon (Might have spelled that wrong). Glue that down liqued nails subfloor glue, and nail it down with ringshank nails. Then you can install your wood floors on top of that

Can you put dark hard wood floors in a small space?

Yes, you can put dark hardwood floors in a small space. Increase your room lighting, add colors into walls and decor to draw light into the area.