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Ear Piercing or Body Piercing provided by a trained and experienced professional body piercer carries very little risk so long as the aftercare instructions are followed and the client returns to see the piercer should any issues arise.

Piercing gun boutiques, Claire's, Ardene's, and hair salons and the like carry risks unique to there environments. Basically complacency and little or no training or knowledge. They will not assist you should you have any issue with the piercing(s) they are generally not licensed to provide any form of piercing, they are simply licensed for retail sales and there fore are not inspected by the health unit for public safety assurance. Buyer be ware, pay your money and take your chances.

So don't gamble with your health, spend the money and get it done right. See a professional body piercer for all your piercing requests.

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Q: Is ear piercing dangerous
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