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Q: Does Hannah Montana have a ear piercing in the cartilage of her ear?
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Ear cartilage piercing?

Ear cartilage piercing, yes and................

Does Miley Cyrus have a cartilage piercing?

yes she does have a cartilage piercing on one ear she also has a nose piercing and a belly piercing too.

How long until you can sleep with your cartilage piercing out?

You can sleep with your cartilage piercing out after the ear is completely healed up. It takes about two months for the ear to completely heal.

What causes deformation of cartilage in ear after piercing?

Piercing cartilage with a piercing guns is the number one cause, two would be a secondary infection.

I have hardened ear cartilage at the top of my ear about a 5MM radius spot and never had piercing or wrestled so what is it?

It is called the Cartilage.

Is it gay for a guy to get his cartilage pierced?

No I have plenty of male clients who have ear cartilage piercing and they are not gay.

Should someone be scared if someone have a blister by their cartilage piercing site?

No it's either a hypertrophic reaction, which is due to the cleaning products used to clean the piercing or Cauliflower ear caused by piercing the ear cartilage with a piercing gun. Nothing to be scared about.

Meaning of tragus piercing?

Just another ear cartilage piercing, it has no magical meaning, it's just another piercing.

Swollen outer ear?

The symptom of a swollen outer ear can be perichondritis, an ear cartilage infection caused by bacteria. Another symptom is pain. A cause for this condition can be injury of ear cartilage due to factors like cartilage piercing or ear surgery.

Has Miley Cyrus got a belly button piercing?

yes. she also has double piercing in her ear lobes, double pierced cartilage in her left ear, nose piercing (right).

Is a helix piercing the same as a cartilage piercing?

A helix piercing is a type of cartilage piercing but its the specific name for when you get the top of your cartilage pierced. I'll try to attach a picture of what a helix piercing tends to look like. A cartilage piercing is more of a general term that could refer to any of the many cartilaginous areas of your ear being pierced.

What risks are there of cartilage piercing?

When using a piercing gun (such as those they use at Claires) the collapse of your ear cartilage is a possibility. Also, with any piercing, there is the chance of infection if not cleaned properly as instructed by your piercer.