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No, it is not. A 500 calorie per day diet is not safe and it can make you gain weight. Any diet with less than 1000 calories will cause your body to go into a storage mode and you could cause injury to your organs.

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A 500 calorie diet is far too low. Eating healthier, cutting out fat in your diet and exercise are far more beneficial. Adults need closer to 2500 calories in their diet.

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Q: Is a 500 calorie diet per day safe?
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Is a 500 calorie diet really safe?

No a 500 calories diet is not that really that safe as most doctor's say that a person needs at least 1200 calories a day. And after you go off this diet you will over eat and gain the weight back and more weight.

How can a 500 calorie diet help you?

A 500 calorie diet for dinner or lunch might help you lose weight. But if you are talking about a 500 calorie diet per day, I dont think that it is healthy. You need at least 1200-1500 calories per day to make you function well.

What is the 500 calorie diet plan and is it safe?

I don't believe it's safe. it sounds pretty unhealthy. your body needs more than 500 calories to function for a day or it will go into starvation mode and that's never good.

What can you eat in hcg?

The HCG Calorie Counter lists the foods that can be eaten in the diet's recommended 500 calorie-a-day food intake.

Is the ABC diet where you count every calorie you take in?

The ABC diet counts every calorie you intake, however, this is true of most diets. The ABC diet is where these calories are restricted to under 500 calories a day.

Does a 600 calorie diet provide enough nutrients per day?

A 600 calorie diet is not considered safe. For calorie counting diets, the lowest amount of calories recommended by nutritionists is 1200 per day. There is not much information available on the 600 calorie diet since it is not approved by doctors. This diet works on the premises of putting the body into starvation mode so that it burns fat for fuel, thus it is harmful to the metabolism.

What is a good 500 calorie diet?

There is no such thing as a good 500 calorie diet. This is far too few calories for a person to survive on and will lead to permanent body damage rather than good weight loss. However, the HCG diet is popular. This involves giving oneself shots daily and consuming just 500 calories a day. It is not recommended by doctors.

If i do yoga for an hour a day and am on a diet of 600 calories a day how long will it take to lose 30 pounds?

That is definetly not safe. A 600 calorie intake will kill you. Safe weight loss is a healthy diet that reduces your calorie intake by 500-600 a day. For women daily calorie intake should be around 2000. For men it is closer to 2500 a day. DO NOT restrict yourself to 600 calories a day please. However, even if you did, your body would put you into starvation mode because of such a low intake and hold onto your body fat longer than it would normally.

What is the 500 calorie diet meal?

The five hundred calorie diet meal is a diet created by Doctor Simeons that's main cornerstones is to not exceed five hundred calories of food intake a day. Food in this case also includes soda and energy drinks.

Is a 500 calorie diet a healthy option for weight loss?

This is a very low calorie limit you are requesting and NOT advisible. Most nutritionists, diet and fitness experts agree that you should not go lower than 1200 calories per day.

I was wondering if a 500 calorie diet is safe to start off with?

No it is not safe. Your body needs calories to live off of. However if you still wish to go that route and you think you can deal with the pain then I suggest doing it for no more then a month. You will drop around 14 pounds in a month just from 500 calories a day. Then I suggest moving up to 1100 calories. You are still cutting back on what you are taking in but 500 calories a day for too long can hurt you.

What is a safe diet for 65 year old female?

A safe diet for a 65 year old female would be a low fat diet. Fat should be limited to about 55 grams or less per day. Calorie intake should not exceed 1700.