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Well, since there's really no false positive tests, if your cramping and bleeding either like a normal cycle or moreso then it might be that your body is trying to reject the pregnancy and you may be miscarrying (it's what happened in my first pregnancy as well as with my SIL's ectopic pregnancy). I would see a doctor right away just to be safe.

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Q: If you took a pregnancy test and it said positive but you still have you period and cramps what does that mean?
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If you think you are about two weeks pregnant and had a once off heavy bleeding and the pregnancy test showsis positive does that mean you had a miscarriage?

It is possible, but the bleeding could also have been from implantation bleeding. A pregnancy test will show positive for a while after a miscarriage because your body has not rid itself of the HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels yet. The further along you were, the longer a pregnancy test will show positive. I would still be on the lookout for any symptoms of pregnancy, continue taking your prenatal vitamins (or at least folic acid), refrain from alcohol and tobacco and caffeine then in a couple weeks take another test and see. Or you can go to the doctor to either confirm pregnancy or miscarriage.

What does it mean if you have your period 3 times in one month. I am only 13 still a virgin. Is something wrong?

if u have ur period 3 times a moth u need to go gt check out bt it does NT mean u have some thing

I had your period twice one month one the next and then nothing this month what does that mean?

How old are you? If you are still young and just having your first periods, it probably means your body hasn't gotten into a natural cycle yet.

If each pregnancy is 5050 chance of having a M or F what is the probability of having one F in two pregnancies or one F in three pregnancies Is it still 5050 on the second pregnancy?

Acutally the chances of having a boy are 51% and a girl 49%. The odds stay pretty close to 50% for each child and only vary slightly. If you have had 2 or 3 boys, you are only about 2% to 6% more likely to have another boy. If you have had girls, you are slightly more likely to have a boy next.

What is the probability of flipping a coin 4 times and getting 4 heads?

You still still have a 1:2 chance of getting heads regardless of the times you flip.

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Can you have a positive pregnancy test then a negative pregnancy test and light period and still be pregnant?


How do you know if you're pregnant if you have your period?

A pregnancy test would still be positive even if you were still getting your period

Can you still have cramps if you missed your period?

Yes, you can still have cramps.

If you have symptoms of pregnancy such as light headed and dizzy but still get a light period with cramps after one week of discharge can you be pregnant?

Hello there. Yes you can be pregnant. I would do a pregnancy test this week. If the test is faint positive or dark positive - see your doctor for confirmation. If the test is negative see your doctor for a blood test.

I miss a period in the month of June and still waiting for my period to come. I am experience back pain and cramps. Could I be pregnant?

Yes these are signs of pregnancy.

You have cramps and feel like im on your period but you have no bleeding?

wait a couple days and if you still have no bleeding take a pregnancy test. when i was pregnant i could feel slight cramps every month when i normally would have had my period

If you are pregnant and have your period will you still get cramps?

If you are pregnant you will not have your period

Does early pregnancy bleeding involve cramps?

I had early pregnancy bleeding and cramps at about 3 days after i discovered i was pregnant, i was about 4 weeks gone, the cramps were really bad, felt like bad period pains and it was all in the bottom of my back, it stopped after 4 days and everything is fine still

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you are having contraction-like cramps?

I have contraction like cramps,and I just found out I was pregnant, but a good idea wood be to take a HPT to determine the pregnancy,If it says negative and you still haven't started your period wait a week and try again, if you still haven't contact your doctor.

You never bleed outside your period but then you have brown bloody spotting and cramps the day after sex.Then you get your period on time is it still your period or could it be blood from pregnancy?

potentially but usually if your pregnant you dont have your period because it is saving it for the baby

Missed your period last month pregnancy test says negative you have pink discharge headaches and cramps it is time for your next months cycle and still no period What is wrong?

pregnancy test could be wrong. try a more accurate one

Will pregnancy test still read positive after miscarriage?

Will pregnancy test still read positive after miscarriage?