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wait a couple days and if you still have no bleeding take a pregnancy test. when i was pregnant i could feel slight cramps every month when i normally would have had my period

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Q: You have cramps and feel like im on your period but you have no bleeding?
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Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period?

That is a period.

What do period cramps feel like?

Hell x 10000000000

Could a woman be pregnant if she expierences bleeding and severe cramps not like normal period cramps?

Yes she can be pregnant, and if she is pregnant and is bleeding she is at risk of a miscarriage, and should see a doctor immediately.

Can you still have a period if you didn't experience the symptoms like cramps?

Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a period and not have the bloating and cramping associated with it. If you are bleeding and it's time for you to have your period then it is your period.

Why are you feeling cramps for 4 days straight but not starting your period Are you pregnant?

I had period like cramps with no bleeding from Tuesday before my period was due ( was due Saturday) Friday I did a pregnancy test and was positive so yes you could be.

DO women have abdominal cramps at 3 weeks pregnant?

im 3 weeks pregnant right now, and my cramps just feel like period cramps.

Why do you get bad gas during your period?

During your period, hormonal changes can lead to increased activity in your digestive system, causing bloating, gas, and changes in bowel habits. Additionally, prostaglandins released during menstruation can trigger muscle contractions in the intestines, leading to gas and bloating. Staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, and managing stress can help reduce these symptoms.

If you have implantation bleeding around the time of your period will you have stomach pains as if it was your period?

With my first pregnancy I just had the implantation bleeding, no cramping, I felt wonderful. With my second pregnancy I had awful period like cramps. I didn't think I could be pregnant because it felt like my period was coming.

You had light bleeding for half a day shortly before your period was due and have had period-like cramps for several days afterwards but no additional bleeding could you be pregnant?

dont be stupid....that baby better have a father that you are married to.

Does early pregnancy bleeding involve cramps?

I had early pregnancy bleeding and cramps at about 3 days after i discovered i was pregnant, i was about 4 weeks gone, the cramps were really bad, felt like bad period pains and it was all in the bottom of my back, it stopped after 4 days and everything is fine still

Can you have period like cramps and vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy?

yes you can. i am 37 weeks pregnant. for the first tree months or so i was having very painful period cramps and i always thought my period will come any moment. but according to my i was completely safe.

how to know when your period is coming?

you will have bad cramps, stomach aches, and it will feel like a magnet pulling down