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Unfortunately, after the first day or two there would be very little fat loss. Your body tends to go into "famine" mode, protecting itself. Your metabolism starts to slow and you start living off your muscle mass rather than the fat stored around your body. At the end of the 5 days you will end up with a little less fat and less muscle mass. When you start eating again you will end up putting the weight back on PLUS a bunch more.That kind of dieting doesn't work.Cut back on the fats, sugars and starches in your diet, make sure you get enough protein an exercise as much as you can. Working up a sweat FROM EXERCISE for a couple hours a day will help more than anything else you can do... provided that you aren't eating too much while you do it.


starving yourself will only make you even more hungry on that fifth day because depriving yourself is going to make you over indulge on food when you do it. Why don't you try to eat half portions of your regular meals and do some work outs like two to three times a day and you should lose alot fast.

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Q: If you starve yourself for 5 days how much weight will you lose?
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Will you lose weight if you starve yourself for 10 days drinking nothing but water for 3 days?

Yes you will,but it's not good for you

Is it good to starve yourself to lose weight?

No. Starving yourself to lose weight is not safe, nor is it effective in the long term,for weight loss.

How long do you starve yourself till you lose 5 pounds?

You should never starve yourself to lose weight, this is very dangerous. A well balanced diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight.

You want to lose 6 kg in one week?

You can't - even if you starve yourself (which is dangerous) you could not lose that much weight in 7 days.

How do you starve myself to lose 60 pounds?

It is unsafe to starve yourself in order to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is by eating a balanced diet and lots of exercise.

Is it harmful to starve yourself to lose weight?

Yes, very much...

You want to lose about 15 kgs in 2 weeks how can you achieve this?

You can't - even if you starve yourself (which is dangerous) you could not lose that much weight in 14 days.

You dont know whever you should starve yourself or no?

never starve yourself! that is completely unhealthy! if you want to lose weight talk to your doctor.

Im a 16 year old 5'3'' female that weighs 155 if i starve yourself for a week how much weight can i lose?

The answer to this is that if you do starve yourself you'll GAIN WEIGHT! Just eat healthy and excersize.

How do you lose weight the right way?

How to lose weight? well first of all don't starve yourself or work your body too hard exercising. Cut down on snacks. Plan time to work out some days of the week.

If you starve yourself and lose weight will your stomach be flabby?

Certainly wont be the tight hip stomach you are looking for, no.

If you are a 230 pound 13-year-old and you starve yourself for 10 days how much weight will you lose - or is there a much better and safer way to lose weight?

Starving yourself is a rediculous and extremely unhealthy way of losing weight. Your body needs vitamins and minerals in order to lose weight in a healthy way. No matter how much you eat, (to a certain extent) if you eat healthy and you excercise consistantly, you will lose weight.