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A placebo pill is most of the time made of sugar it does nothing the way placebo pills work if they ever do is if they trick the mind. You need to take your pill every day for full effectiveness. When you start the pill you are suppose to take one pill every day as recommended everyday for a month before having unprotected sex. Since you where on your period you don't have the highest chance of getting pregnant, but you still have a chance to get pregnant believe it or not but not likely. If you don't want to get pregnant don't have unprotected sex days before your period without being on the pill as recommended. Use condoms to protect yourself against STDs and HPVs.

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Q: If you are taking birth control pills and had unprotected sex while on period during the placebo pills are you still protected?
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Can you take an extra birth control pill so you can be protected one more night before the placebo pills?

You can certainly take an extra birth control pill without causing any problems. However, your question suggests that you think you're not protected during the placebo pills. That is not true. If you have taken the previous pills in the pack correctly, you are still protected during the placebo week. Please contact your health care provider to get a better understanding of how the pill works and the level of protection you can expect from it.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while taking the pill for a year?

My mom was on the pill for longer then a year and she had just use protection cause you never know

Are you still protected in the week you have off from taking the contraception pill?

Yes you will still be protected during the placebo pills week as long you took your pills everyday at the same thorughout active pills. Be sure that you have been on birth control for at least 3 months before you attempt to do so.

Is a second method of birth control such as condoms necessary while on my period or the white placebo pills if taking birth control?

It depends , reading below you will find your answer.How long have you been taking your birth control pills? If you have only been on birth control for less than 2 months, you may still be at risk of pregnancy while having unprotected intercourse during the week of the placebo pills.Do you properly take your birth control? If you properly take your birth control ;meaning that you take the pills every day at the same time each day, you are 99.9% protected from pregnancy. If you do not properly take the pills as directed you may increase your chances of becoming pregnant.Do you have spotting or breakthrough bleeding? If you do experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding, this can mean that you need a different dosage, typically a higher strength of birth control pills. This also means that the dosage you are currently are taking is not effective enough to prevent you from pregnancy. If you have experienced spotting or breakthrough bleeding for more than 3 months, you should see your physician to get the correct pills for you.Have you taken medication, such as antibiotics?If you have been taking antibiotics such as penicillin the effectiveness of your birth control will decrease. This also means that it would not be safe to have unprotected intercourse.If you have been taking birth control for more than 2 months, have properly been taking your birth control, have not experienced spotting or breakthrough bleeding as side effects and have not been taking antibiotics, you do not necessarily have to use a back up method, because you will still be protected from pregnancy during your placebo week.

What will happen if you are unable to start a new pack of birth control pills until a week after the end of your period?

During the last week of your pills you are taking placebo pills. There are no hormones in placebo pills that have hormones to protect you from pregnancy. However, if you have been properly taking your birth control every day at the same time, during this week you will start your menstrual cycle, and you will still be protected from pregnancy. All you have to do is finish all the pills in the pack, each month. Also, you do not have to take the placebo pills because there aren't any hormones in them. You must however, not get off track starting your birth control, you must start your new pack of pills the same way you began taking the birth control.

Do you get a period after being on birth control for only one month?

You should still get a period while taking birth control pills. Your period usually occurs during the placebo week of pills. If the birth control was not taken properly, then there may be a chance of pregnancy, which delays your period. If you have not gotten your period during the placebo week, your should take a pregnancy test.

Can you get pregnant during the placebo week?

If you took the active BCP as directed you do not have to worry about pregnancy during the week of placebo pills.

If taking birth control when should you start your menstrual cycle?

Your period usually comes during the placebo pills week(sugar pills).

Are you still protected if you switch the time of day you take your birth control pills during your placebo week?

Sure. The placebo week is just that -- a placebo, often in the form of pink sugar pills. It has absolutely no effect on the body whatsoever and serves only as a place-counter for the week of a woman's period. You could decide not take the placebo pills at all and you would still be protected. Although pregnancy can theoretically occur at any time during the month, most pregnancies happen during ovulation, which occurs approx. 10 days before the start of a normal menstrual period. When a woman is on birth control, even this is controled to prevent ovulation in any form at any time of the month. However, changing the time you take your real, non-placebo birth control pills may lead to your body misunderstanding its own cues and spontaneously ovulating. I would guess that this is very rare, as you can miss completely up to 2 days of taking the pill without it losing its effectiveness. If you want to change the time that you take your pill to a consistently different time, wait until the start of a new cycle to do it. For more in depth questions or if you think you are pregnant, please contact your doctor.

After taking the first set of the contraceptive pill how long until you start your period?

Your period should start during the week that you take your placebo pills. If you do not get your period during the placebo week, you should take a pregnancy test to be on the safe side. However, sometimes when starting birth control, your period may not come as expected because your body is trying to adjust to the hormones. Be sure that you take your pills every day at the same time so that you are 99.9% protected, and so that your menstrual cycle does not become irregular.

Brownish spotting while on pill for a month am i pregnant?

Spotting and breakthrough bleeding is a side effect that may occur while beginning birth control. This side effect can last up to 3 months. However, if you do not receive your period during the placebo week, you may have become pregnant. Waiting at least 1-2 months to have unprotected sex while on birth control pills will be safer because by then, your body has adapted to the hormones in the pills.

I been on BC for two months on my second month i took all pills until i got to the sugar pills i took two of them sugar pills and didn't finish the last 3 pills sugar pills on the second suga?

You do not have to take the sugar/placebo pills if you feel comfortable doing so, and if you will not forget to start your birth control on the correct day, and if you will not forget what time you are supposed to take your birth control. It doesn't make a difference on how many sugar/placebo pills you take because they do not contain any active hormone ingredients. You are still protected from pregnancy during your placebo week if you take your birth control every day at the same time, and if you have been on birth control for at least 2 months. To be on the safe side wait 3 months, that is personally how long I waited.