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Yes you will still be protected during the placebo pills week as long you took your pills everyday at the same thorughout active pills. Be sure that you have been on Birth Control for at least 3 months before you attempt to do so.

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Q: Are you still protected in the week you have off from taking the contraception pill?
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Are you still protected while taking the placebo pill?


What happens if you stop taking the birth control pill for 2 weeks?

If you stop taking the birth control pill for 2 weeks, what happens is that you will have a period a few days after not taking any pills. You will also not be protected against pregnancy unless you use another form of contraception.

How much of a gap do you leave with the pill?

With the 21 day pill, you leave a gap of 7 days. As long as you have been taking your pills as directed, you do not need additional contraception for the non pill-taking days.

If you started A New Birth Control Pill How long after are you protected from pregnancy?

If you are changing from one pill last month to a different pill this month with no interruption in pill-taking, you are protected immediately.

You have been on the pill for a month had un protected sex and stopped taking the pill Can you still get pregnant?

Oh yes you can. The fact you were only on it a month means it was just getting effective and you HAVE to keep taking it to have it WORK. These are not magic and require a daily pill everyday.

Im having protected sex and am taking birth control can i still get prenant the day i take my sugar pill?

It is highly unlikely.

Would i still be protected by my combo birth control pill if i have a soft loose stool 2-4 hours after taking it?


Am I still protected if I didn't start the pill the Sunday after or the first day of my period?

If you haven't taken your pill you are NOT protected. Must take it everyday to be protected.

If the girl took the pill on June and then July can she get pregnant on December?

yes you have to keep taking the pill that's the only way your protected. if you stop taking the pill you can get pregnant.

You are on the pill and have never missed a day your boyfriend and you always use withdrawal but last week you had your period and was always taking amoxicillin for a cold you still had sex?

As it was your week off the pill (or taking sugar pills) you are still protected. Incidentally unless you have some other reason for taking amoxicillin it will have no effect on a cold.

3 methods of contraception?

condom the pill the morning after pill

Is quinine a contraception pill?

yes it is

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