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Your period usually comes during the placebo pills week(sugar pills).

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Q: If taking birth control when should you start your menstrual cycle?
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Can birth control cause heavy menstrual bleeding Should I continue taking my birth control?

Birth control pills should stop your menstrual bleeding. I would suggest you stop the pills and talk to your doctor

What should you do when you found out your mom is taking birth control?

Nothing, Taking birth control is her choice

Can only taking half a birth control pill affect the menstrual cycle?

It's unlikely.

How do Birth control pills affect a woman's menstrual periods?

A woman's menstrual periods are regular and usually lighter when she is taking oral contraceptives

Does taking Yaz birth control effect your menstrual cycle?

Yes it does it regulates it an it is supposed to reduce PMS.

Does birth control make menstrual pains worse?

In general, hormonal birth control decrease menstrual pain. The copper IUD sometimes increase menstrual pain in the first few months, but this side effect is usually well-controlled by taking ibuprofen or ketoprofen.

What day should you start taking your birth control?


Are there certain foods to avoid while taking the pill to regulate periods?

There are no known food-birth control pill interactions, neither for birth control nor menstrual control use.

Can you start taking the birth control pill at any time?

You can start taking the birth control pill at any time in your cycle. If you start within the first five days of menstrual bleeding, you have immediate protection. If you start at any other time, you should use a back up method of birth control for the first seven days.

Should you stop taking the birth control pill if you get your period?

You should continue taking the birth control pill daily as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

How often should your menstrual cycle be when your not on birth control pills?

The average menstrual cycle length is 28 days - but everyone is different. As a note while on birth control pills you don't have a menstrual cycle, the pill works by suppressing your menstrual cycles so you no longer ovulate.

Should you eat before taking birth control pill?

Eating does not effect your birth control.