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Q: What day should you start taking your birth control?
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Should you see a doctor before you start taking birth control?


When can you start taking birth control during the month?

You start taking birth control pills the first Sunday after your period ends, but Its always best to consult your Dr.

Can birth control cause cramping?

yes it is quite normal to have cramps right after you start taking birth control.

Can I start taking the first birth control pill on a Wednesday?


How late in your cycle can you start taking birth control pills?

Its best if you start taking the pill on the first day of your period. However you can start taking it anytime.

When will my period start with triphasal birth control?

There is no way to know when you will start your period when you first start taking Triphasal birth control. You just have to wait and see how your body reacts.

Your birth control cycle ended last Friday and your period did not start you took a pregnancy test today and am not pregnant Should you start taking your new cycle of pills tomorrow?

Yes, you should continue your birth control pills as schedule regardless of bleeding.

What happens if you've already conceived when you start taking birth control pills?

You should not be pregnant when you start taking the pills as you start taking them within a week of the start of your period and if you have a period you are 99.5% sure you are not pregnant. However if you are pregnant the pills will have no effect.

If you miss your period while on birth control should you wait to start your next cycle until you are sure you are not pregnant or should you continue to take the birth control?

Many women have no period on the BCP. Do not stop taking it as directed.

If you stopped taking birth control for about two months should you wait after your next period to take it again?

You can start taking the birth control pill at any time in your cycle with the "quick start" method. Start it on the day of your choice. Use a back up birth control method for the first seven days of pills. The advantage is earlier protection from pregnancy than if you waited for your period.

Will my period still start after only taking birth control for a weeek?

give me answer

Should you continue taking birth control pills after you start menopause?

no because after menopause, a women can't get pregnant anymore or have periods.

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