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You can take a pregnancy test any time you like.

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Q: If you are on the pill and your period was 1 week early and you usually have a 28 day cycle but it is 34 days this cycle until you are due again when can you take a pregnancy test?
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When will a period start after a cycle of Clomid if pregnancy did not occur?

Periods and Clomidi used clomid and if pregnancy hasn't occured u will have a period after the cycle of clomid

Is it easier to get preagnant before your period or after?

Day 1 of your cycle is the day you start your period, followed by ovulation. About 14 days after ovulation you will have your next period if you are not pregnant, beginning the cycle over again. Ovulation is the phase of the cycle when pregnancy can occur and this comes after your period.

What is the cycle of pregnancy?

pregnancy is dated 40 weeks from the date of your last period. The first day of your last period counted as day one. You usually conceive during the middle of your cycle so when you find out you are pregnant, usually when you miss you next period you are said to be 4 weeks pregnant but the fetus is only actually 2 weeks old.

Why do the girls get there period?

The purpose of menstruation (period) is to clean out the lining of the uterus (baby bed). Afterwards, another ovum (egg) drops down and is ready for fertilization to start pregnancy. If there is no pregnancy, then 28 days (average) later, the cycle starts again with the next period.

What if your period is over its 28-35 day cycle?

Get a pregnancy test.

What are the odds of pregnancy even with a period?

If it's your full blown period, chances are 99 out of 100 you're not pregnant. When you're pregnant, your cycle stops. There can however be spotting (usually early on).

True of False - Pregnancy can occur the first time a couple has intercourse?

Yes! as long as it is in that period of a woman's fertility cycle where she is ovulating and she doesn't have to have had her first period yet either. Same after having a baby - she can get pregnant right away, again without having a period. The fertility cycle comes before the period.

If your period comes a week early and you have never been irregular would a pregnancy test result in any answers?

Whe your period has these sudden changes or "comes earlier" this may most likely mean that your cycle is actually "switching." For example, if you usually come on at the very END of the month and you come on again a week earlier, this means that your new cycle will be in the middle of the month.

How many days after your period is your safe period?

There is no 'safe' period. Pregnancy can occur at any time during your menstrual cycle.

Can laxatives stop your period?

No, taking laxatives will not stop your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle, taking laxitives has no effect on your cycle at all.

What happens immediatly after a period is over?

The cycle begins again.

What is the mastrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle is the periodic bleeding that happens in woman in her fertile period of life. Menses or periods lasting for few days when they happen again and again after some period of days is called menstrual cycle.