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No you will have to inhale it to show .

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Q: If you are a non marijuana smoker and you kiss a marijuana smoker will you have a positive urinary analysis?
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If you don't smoke marijuana smoker and you kiss a marijuana smoker will a urinary analysis test fail due to traces of marijuana in your system?

Noyou need to be smoking or digesting marijuana for it to be in your system. You can not get it in your system from touching someone or walking past someone. this is very true cause i smoke myself so i should know but there are various ways of passing a drug test if you are interersted let me know.

How can a person come up positive for marijuana and not be a marijuana smoker?

this can happen from being around people who smoke it, and inhaling the second hand smoke.

If your a non marijuana smoker and kiss a marijuana smoker will a urinary analysis test fail due to traces of marijuana in system?

No, it has to be ingested either by smoking or eating something cooked with weed. Then it is absorbed into fat cells and released in your urine between 1-6 weeks depending on your weight and how many times/how much you have ingested but most things say 3 weeks but ive known people to pass a Drug Test after 1 week of not smoking.

Can you test positive for marijuana by being around it?

Yes, just like tobacco there is second hand smoke that is taken in by the non smoker and if tested they would show positive.

Is a marijuana smoker the same as a tobacco smoker?

No, they are two different substances.

What is the difference between the cigrate smoking and marijuana?

A cigarette smoker will still be able to spell "cigarette" and "marijuana".

If you don't smoke marijuana and you kiss a marijuana smoker immediately after they smoke could you experience dry mouth?


How much does the typical marijuana smoker smoke in a week?

about 3 grams

How long does marijuana stay in your urine if you are a heavy smoker?

45+ days

What is bad about being around a marijuana smoker?

the wording in le question does not make sense.

Did John Diefenbaker smoke?

He did not. John openly admitted to enjoying marijuana, but was not a cigarette smoker.

Can you test positive for marijuana if someone blew it at you?

If you are not an avid pot smoker and they wern't blowing massive amounts in your face for countless hours the answer would mainly be NO. THC metabolizes fairly quickly and can only be detected for a few days if you are a once in a great while smoker, as compared to weeks for a habitual smoker. Urine tests would not detect enough traces of THC to come up positive if you are not a smoker and were simply in the vicinity of the smoker. HOWEVER, skin or hair tests MIGHT come up positive if the people smoking around you were doing so in very LARGE quantities for a long period of time.