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They will not!! A woman cannot get another woman pregnant no matter how hard they try!

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Q: If two girls kiss each other for ten second on the lips will they become pregnant?
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Will girls get pregnant with other girls?

Without a man providing sperm, no.

Can you get pregnant after having an ovary removed because of a ovarian cyst?

Yes, if you still have the other ovary. Girls are born with two ovaries, both of which produce eggs. So if you still have the other ovary, you can definitely become pregnant.

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unless there pregnant no they cant! lol

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You say that girls cant get other girls pregnant but why do other sites say you can if this site is right?

Girls odviously can't get each other preganant. Even if those sights say so. This is because girls don't have sperm cells to go into the egg. DAAAAAAA!! every one knows that.

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Will the woman get pregnant if her one ovary is broken?

If the other ovary is still functional then yes. It may take longer to become pregnant but it is not imposable.

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