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Yes, if you still have the other ovary. Girls are born with two ovaries, both of which produce eggs. So if you still have the other ovary, you can definitely become pregnant.

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Q: Can you get pregnant after having an ovary removed because of a ovarian cyst?
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Can you get pregnant after having uterus and cervix removed after hysterectomy?

That happens every month when you menstruate or if you've had an abortion and it comes back every month. And yes, you can because the sperm fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube, not the uterus.

How quickly will you get pregnant after having Norplant removed?

Return to fertility is quick after having the contraceptive implant removed. The average patient having sex without birth control get pregnant within about 9 months.

How can you tell the difference between having an ovarian cyst or having ovarian cancer without going to the doctor first?


How do you get ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is caused by cells of the ovaries not doing the "job" they are supposed to do, and instead revert all of their energy into uncontrolled reproduction. This is true of all cancers. The reason it is so hard for the body to fight off cancer is because it is actually the body's own cells that cause the problem. When cells grow at an uncontrolled rate, it becomes difficult for the other healthy cells to perform their function due to the fact they become outnumbered by the cancerous cells. Eventually these cancerous cells can enter the blood stream or lymph system and spread to other organs. Cancer usually causes a patient's demise due to the fact it causes organs to shut down, because all the energy is spent on uncontrolled cell growth, rather than cell function.

Could having an ovarian cyst cause rectal bleeding?

Yes. Rectal bleeding may be a symptom of having an ovarian cyst. For more information on the symptoms of ovarian cysts, see the related link.

Why would your rabbit have pulled out her fur down to the skin and is not pregnant what can this mean?

She's having a "fake" pregnancy. She feels she's pregnant and starts to make a nest. . Leave the nest she creates for a couple of days until she's not interested in it any more, then you can clean it up. If this happens often getting her womb removed might help. (It's a good idea to get it removed any way as many rabbits get ovarian or womb cancer)

Can you get pregnant after having a tube tie and the other removed with the ovaries and if so how?

If both ovaries were removed then no you can not get pregnant. However if one ovary remains (even with the tube to it tied) there is a remote possibility that you could become pregnant. This is because the body is a dynamic structure and sometimes this leads to unexpected things happening. No form of contraception is 100% certain.