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If the other ovary is still functional then yes. It may take longer to become pregnant but it is not imposable.

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Q: Will the woman get pregnant if her one ovary is broken?
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Can a Muslim tongue on ovary of wife?

NO ONE can put their tongue on a woman's ovary. The ovary is inside the woman, in her lower abdomen.

Is it possible to get pregnant with just one ovary left if theres an opening?

As long as you have a functioning ovary and a uterus, then yes, you can get pregnant.

Is pregnancy possible without an ovary?

As long as you have at least one functioning ovary left you can get pregnant.

What are the odds of a women with one tube and ovary of getting pregnant?

The loss of one ovary reduces fertility only by about 50%.

Can a woman with one ovary and tube still have kids?

Of course since you still have a ovary, tube and uterus.

Can reproductive system functionif have only one?

One ovary means eggs are still produced so there is a chance for pregnancy.