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As long as you have at least one functioning ovary left you can get pregnant.

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Q: Is pregnancy possible without an ovary?
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Can you feel the ovary if youre having an ectopic pregnancy?

ectopic pregnancy per se has no relation to feel ovaryovary can be felt if a mass in ovary coexist

Will pregnancy occur when sperms were released on the vulva without sex?

It is possible, but not as likely to result in pregnancy as intercourse.

Can a pregnancy be successful with only one ovary and tube?

Yes! As long as that ovary and tube are functioning normally, and are on the same side.

Is right ovary pain after intercourse related to pregnancy?

You can not know that there is a pain in ovary. You need a cheque up by gynecologist for this pain.

Is it possible that a man could answer so many questions about women and pregnancy that he could be reincarnated as an ovary?

you never know, maybe you'll come back as the other one. lol

Is it possible to be pregnant and have cramping or is the cramping from your polycistic ovary syndrome?

It is very normal to have some cramping during pregnancy. If it is severe or continues for a long period of time, see your doctor.

What causes an ectopic pregnancy?

It is really unknown at the time about what causes an ectopic pregnancy.

Right side abdominal pain shooting down leg in first month of pregnancy?

This is related to your ovary. I am unsure if you experienced this pain at all before you found out you were pregnant, but you may want to check for cysts on your ovary or possible inflamation. The pain you are having is definitely related to the ovaries.

What is a sentence using the word ovary?

Women have Ovaries , they are very important in pregnancy. This is one of many examples for sentence use.

Had partial hysterectomy but want a baby?

It is possible. In most modern hysterectomies, the ovaries are left inside the body. This equates to a partial hysterectomy. The ovaries can still release their eggs, and it's possible (albeit rare) that a pregnancy can occur.

Is it possible to have kids with only the right ovary?


is it possible to have a baby if a female has only on ovary?