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Not necessarily. He may just be weird or scared of you.

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Not necessarily. His behavior could indicate various things such as feeling uncomfortable, nervous, or unsure around you for reasons unrelated to romantic interest. It's important to communicate openly with the person to better understand their feelings and intentions.

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Boys do act weird... but if they're acting weird to you only then that means they might like you ;)

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Q: If a guy acts weird of scared of you does that mean he likes you?
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How could a girl they a guy she likes them?

If she acts weird around the guy she likes that means she like him if she stares at him it cud mean she likes him if she seems shy around him that cud mean she likes him also

What does that mean if the guy you like acts weird around you?

He either likes you too or he knows you like him and doesn't feel very comfortable.

One of your guy friends sometimes acts weird around you Does this mean he likes you?

well if he keeps showing off or (trying to) then yeah, its a possibility

If a guy acts mean to you does it mean he likes you?

It sometimes means that he likes you, but not always.

What does it mean when a girl acts weird around you?

It could mean she is nervous or has feelings for you. It's important to communicate openly and ask her directly if something is bothering her.

What does it mean when your crush acts mean to you then act nice?

When your crush acts mean it means that he likes you but he doesn't want to show it.

What does it mean if a guy acts like he likes you has your number but never texts you?

Right...... Maybe he's too scared to talk to you. Or there's a possibility he doesn't like you or he has lost your number :) Hope That Helps :)

What does it mean when a guy sees you coming he acts all weird and looks down gets real quiet or runs?

I think you already know what this means. Yes, the answer is yes! He likes you, O.K? And you make him hot with nervousness that's why he acts weird and hangs his head. He's shy and head over heels for you! Shy guys are so adorable.

What does it mean if a guy acts weird around a married woman?

He's jealous

This guy at your school acts like he really hates you does that mean he likes you?

it really depends on how he acts around other girls if he only acts mean to you, it's more likely he likes you than if he's mean to everyone where as if he's only nice to you, and mean to other girls, he prob likes you too. hope i helped good luck!

What does it mean when a shy girl acts mean toward you?

It means that they are not scared of you and think your a punk that everyone picks on.

What does it mean when a guy looks at you and acts weird around you?

he really likes you but just is a little embarrassed to come up to you so he drops little hint i would approach him first and then he will become confident enough to talk to you