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=about 2weeks after it happens kay o.=

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Q: How soon can a woman know she is pregnant?
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How soon can a woman know she is pregnant before the pregnancy test?

you cant.

How do you know the woman is pregnant on virtual families?

As soon as they finish trying to make a baby it if successful it would say congrats you made a baby if it doesn't do that then she isn't pregnant

How soon does a woman become pregnant?

A woman can become pregnant in a few hours. This process can also take a few days. This depends on the woman and her eggs.

How soon will the pregnant mother know she is pregnant?

You will be able to know after 2 weeks.

How soon do you know if your pregnant?

Soon as you feel your body changing

How can a baby tell that a woman is pregnant?

A baby can not tell a woman is pregnant.

How is old is to old for a woman to become pregnant?

as soon as she stops producing eggs

Can a person get pregnant after they get off of birth control pills?

Yes, you can get pregnant. While on the medication, the pills help you control or reduce your chances of getting pregnant. However, how soon you might get pregnant differs from woman to woman.

You are pregnant When should you see your doctor?

as soon as you know

Can a woman tell she pregnant by gut feeling?

You can suspect you are pregnant, but it is not a sure way to know. They only way to know for certain is to take a pregnancy test. If you get a positive result, make an appointment with an OB/GYN to start your prenatal care as soon as possible.

How do you know as a man if fertilization has taken place in your woman?

when a woman is pregnant

How many days before woman becomes pregnant?

as soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg