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A woman can become pregnant in a few hours. This process can also take a few days. This depends on the woman and her eggs.

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Q: How soon does a woman become pregnant?
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How is old is to old for a woman to become pregnant?

as soon as she stops producing eggs

If a lizard jump on a human male does it mean his wife is pregnant?

Jamaican Traditions and Beliefs - Pregnancy and BirthIf a lizard jumps on a woman, it means she is pregnant or will soon become pregnant.

When is a woman most likely to become to become pregnant?

A women can most likely become pregnant when she is ovulating.

Can you be pregnant even if he didn't come inside you and how soon should i take the test?

A woman can only become pregnant if sex was done unprotected, or if a condom broke during protected sex. if your a virgin, you cant be pregnant.

First time intercourse can a lady become pregnant?

Yes. A woman can become pregnant after her first time. It is an old myth that a woman can not become pregnant after the first time. Unless birth control was used properly, there is always a chance that she is pregnant.

How soon can a woman know she is pregnant before the pregnancy test?

you cant.

How soon can a woman know she is pregnant?

=about 2weeks after it happens kay o.=

How do fertility drugs help a woman to become pregnant?

they help you to get pregnant,if you are infertile

Can you be pregnant at 49 years old?

It is rare for a woman to become pregnant at 49 but it possible. If a woman is still releasing eggs and having intercourse, she can become pregnant. Generally after menopause a female won't get pregnant but it's possible.

When does a woman actually become pregnant?

when she has sex :L

Is sprem good for woman?

If she has a desire to become pregnant.

Can a person get pregnant after they get off of birth control pills?

Yes, you can get pregnant. While on the medication, the pills help you control or reduce your chances of getting pregnant. However, how soon you might get pregnant differs from woman to woman.