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Tounge piercingsBody Piercing Guidelines or "I want a piercing, now what"
  1. All Body Piercing studios are regulated and work under regional and local health and city licensing regulations.
  2. Age limits can vary from city to city and state/province to state/province, contact your local body piercing studios (under the yellowpages "Body Piercing" ) they will tell you what the age limits are for your area.
  3. Identification is aways needed (Birth certificate, Student card, Drivers license) Parental consent is consent from the legal parents (Mother or Father). Grand parents, Sister, Brother, Second Cousin twice removed doesn't cut it sorry. Unless they are your legal guardians assigned by the courts and have documented proof or this, it just won't work.
  4. Prices for piercings vary from shop to shop and city to city. Be sure you phone and ask them what the total price is including any *aftercare solutions they may try to sell you (* Professional body piercing studios won't try to sell you aftercare solution, they will recommend cleansers and soaps but that's it if you want it they will sell it but they will not force you to buy it.)
  5. Do your research, check these places out and find a studio that you are comfortable with, talk to the piercer and discuss you wishes. If at any time you feel like you are being ignored or rushed leave, find somewhere else. Good shops will be busy, but they will also want you to book your appointment, this way they have there full attention on you not everyone else who is asking questions (that's a good thing).
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Q: How old do you have to be to get a tongue piercing?
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What does a tongue piercing mean?

A tongue piercing is a type of body piercing in which the tongue is pierced.

What is tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing is a piercing through the tongue or any part of the tongue, including the web underneath.

What do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing?

what do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing"

May a 14 year old get a tongue piercing?

I am not aware of any state that allows someone under the age of 18 to get a tongue piercing.

What is a tongue frenulum piercing?

piercing of the under part of the tongue

How old do you have to be to get a tongue piercing in georgia?

18 like everywhere else

How old do you have to be to get a tongue piercing in Missouri?

18 (like everywhere else)

Is a 13 year old able to get a belly piercing and tongue piercing on th?

you can get your naval (belly) piercing at 13-17 as long as you take an adult and the same applys with the tongue piercing but they may tell you to wait until you are 14

Is a tongue ring a genital piercing?

No. A genital piercing includes any piercing on or around your genitals. Not your tongue.

Does tongue piercing cause cancer?

No tongue piercing doesn't cause cancer.

Why do you have a bubble on my three year old lip piercing?

You might have a bubble on your three year old lip piercing because the piercing might have been damaged when you exchanged the tongue bar or ring. You might also have a bubble because the tongue is infected.

How old do you have to be to get a tongue piercing in California?

16 or over 13 with a parent or gaurdian

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