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No tongue piercing doesn't cause cancer.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-27 20:22:57
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Q: Does tongue piercing cause cancer
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Does tongue piercing cause your tongue to split?


Can you die from a tongue piercing infection?

Yes severe infection from tongue piercing can cause death

Can chewing your tongue cause tongue cancer?


What is a homemade way to numb your tongue for piercing?

You shouldn't apply anything to your tongue as it can cause infection & irritation. The tongue piercing is actually one of the least painful.

An teenanger girl wants to get her tongue pierced i heard that being pierced in tongue will cause cancer is it true?

I've never heard that. 3 of my best friends have their tongues pierced and don't seem to show any signs of cancer and i don't think a tongue piercing would be so common if it was known to have cancer.

Can a tongue piercing cause thrush?

Not if you take care of it properly.

What does a tongue piercing mean?

A tongue piercing is a type of body piercing in which the tongue is pierced.

What is tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing is a piercing through the tongue or any part of the tongue, including the web underneath.

What do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing?

what do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing"

Can a tongue piercing cause weight gain?

seriously? did you just ask that?

What is a tongue frenulum piercing?

piercing of the under part of the tongue

Could you put a belly bar into a tongue piercing hole?

No a navel banana bell is not designed nor intended to be used in a tongue piercing. Tongue piercings are done with a straight barbell, the curve in the navel bell will cause trouble with the tongue piercing as well as being too short.

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