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No tongue piercing doesn't cause cancer.

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Q: Does tongue piercing cause cancer
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Can chewing your tongue cause tongue cancer?


An teenanger girl wants to get her tongue pierced i heard that being pierced in tongue will cause cancer is it true?

I've never heard that. 3 of my best friends have their tongues pierced and don't seem to show any signs of cancer and i don't think a tongue piercing would be so common if it was known to have cancer.

Can a tongue piercing cause thrush?

Not if you take care of it properly.

What is tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing is a piercing through the tongue or any part of the tongue, including the web underneath.

Can a tongue piercing cause weight gain?

seriously? did you just ask that?

What do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing?

what do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing"

Could you put a belly bar into a tongue piercing hole?

No a navel banana bell is not designed nor intended to be used in a tongue piercing. Tongue piercings are done with a straight barbell, the curve in the navel bell will cause trouble with the tongue piercing as well as being too short.

Why is it bad to get a tongue piercing?

cause it look wierd and food can get in the hole lol

Can cigarette smoke cause tongue cancer?

yes it can

Can your face become paralyzed from an industrial piercing?

Done wrong, a piercing can definitely cause paralysis on the face... whether the piercing is ear, tongue, nose, etc.

Is a tongue ring a genital piercing?

No. A genital piercing includes any piercing on or around your genitals. Not your tongue.

What does a tongue piercing mean?

A tongue piercing is a type of body piercing in which the tongue is pierced.