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Not if you take care of it properly.

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Q: Can a tongue piercing cause thrush?
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Does tongue piercing cause cancer?

No tongue piercing doesn't cause cancer.

What is tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing is a piercing through the tongue or any part of the tongue, including the web underneath.

Can a tongue piercing cause weight gain?

seriously? did you just ask that?

Will your tongue split as you have a tongue piercing?

No, getting a tongue piercing does not cause the tongue to split. The piercing involves creating a hole in the tongue for the jewelry to pass through, but it will not split the tongue itself. Splitting the tongue is a separate body modification procedure that involves surgically cutting the tongue in half.

What do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing?

what do you if you get a puss pocket in your tongue after a tongue a piercing"

Could you put a belly bar into a tongue piercing hole?

No a navel banana bell is not designed nor intended to be used in a tongue piercing. Tongue piercings are done with a straight barbell, the curve in the navel bell will cause trouble with the tongue piercing as well as being too short.

Why is it bad to get a tongue piercing?

cause it look wierd and food can get in the hole lol

Can your face become paralyzed from an industrial piercing?

Done wrong, a piercing can definitely cause paralysis on the face... whether the piercing is ear, tongue, nose, etc.

What are white discolorations on a child's tongue but not thrush?

My daughter has this and her pediatrian called it a "geographic" tongue. As long as your doctor has ruled out thrush, it is nothing to worry about.

Is a tongue ring a genital piercing?

No. A genital piercing includes any piercing on or around your genitals. Not your tongue.

Can Viagra cause thrush?

No. This drug does no cause thrush.

What is a tongue webbing piercing?

Its just a fancy way of saying "tongue peircing".