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Q: How often do you go out without panties on?
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How do you go out without wearing panties?

Just leave them at home.

How do you convince wife to go out without panties?

You ask her. She may be willing, she may not

Is it a turn on to go clubbing without panties?

This is a matter of preference. For some girls, it is a turn on to go clubbing without panties because it makes them feel naughty. The reduction of another layer of clothing also makes them more sensitive to touching.

Does a garter belt go under or over panties?

it can be worn either way but you may want to put the panties over them so when you need the bathroom you will not have to undo the nylons to get your panties down. or you can keep them over the panties and when you have to go just slide the panties down to the tops of the nylons and go that way that is the way I do it. I hate to have to re clip nylons in a public rest room

Is it wrong wear pantyhose with panties. My wife wear them with panties but i think it's horribly Why do they have cotton crotch. How do you persuade her to wear them without panties?

Wearing pantyhose with panties is a personal preference, so there isn't a "wrong" or "right" side to the discussion. It is just what she prefers.

Is it ok not to wear panties to school I mean Its under tights I just get to hot?

Please don't wear panties to school. Pantyhose/Tights were made to be worn with or without panties (optional). That's why they replaced stockings (which only go up to the thigh, at most). Most tights have a cotton crotch which replaces the need to wear underwear with tights ;-)

Is it ok to wear a miniskirt without panties?

if your trying to get something then yes but i would recommend but most people go their own way so its mostly up to you.

Is it normal to have discharge during pregnancy that causes holes in panties?

Suggest you go see a doctor with that problem. Or change your brand of panties.

Is it safe to wear a panty liner everyday?

yes, it is. But if you experience itching you might want to go without, or change your's mostly do protect your panties from any wetness.

If a guy likes wearing girls panties are they still considered girls panties?

Yes. In the term "girl's panties", the word "girl's" acts as an adjective that modifies panties, and does not relate to actual legal ownership. You could consider this they are PANTIES not girls or boys. If you like them then they are just panties. Newer stiles (womens) as called panties are now a lot larger in the front than before. Belief is that without admitting it manufacturers are now trying to capture the male panty wearing croud. Believe me you would be surprised howmany guys are wearing panties under there jeans.

Is it okay for a 13 year old boy to wear panties?

It is ok if boys wear pantie but wear pink thongs they are the best

How do you get wife to go along with you wearing panties?

just tell her you want to wear panties because they make you feel good. it's just underwear.