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This is a matter of preference. For some girls, it is a turn on to go clubbing without panties because it makes them feel naughty. The reduction of another layer of clothing also makes them more sensitive to touching.

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Q: Is it a turn on to go clubbing without panties?
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Yes, its alright. Its a personal choice and comfort is what matters. If your comfortable without wearing underwear then so be it. People wont know unless you tell them but I cant see that being a conversation piece. While the above poster is correct, I feel that it isn't right. Women do have discharge and could start their periods. Unless she wants to be quite embarrassed then I say "no!" Men also can have a discharge and it's a fact men often need support for their testicles. Men can leave urine stains on the front of their shorts so what does one think it would do to jeans or good slacks. Big dry cleaning bill! I don't wear underwear so i think its totally acceptable. It did feel awkward in the beginning because you do feel something missing down there but over time if feels just as normal as actually wearing underwear. I do agree with your first answer. but as for your second - if men were taught, at a young age, to properly clean themselves after urinating then I don't think that would be a problem. I can say so because I have no problem with urine stains.

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