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any where from 99 cents to 2.49 a minute. depending on what company they are calling collect from- at&t, sprint, Verizon are the ones that can do it. Careful with them collect calls. your bill wont be looking pretty

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Q: How much is it for a collect call you accept on your home phone from an inmate?
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Why can't inmates call cell phone numbers?

Most inmate calls are collect and most cell phones cannot accept collect calls.

How do you remove a phone block on my home phone so a prison inmate can call collect?

Call your home phone provider, they will take away the phone block.

Can the jail transfer a call to the inmate?

the inmate can only call out collect

How can you accept collect calls on metropcs?

You cannot accept collect calls directly on Metropcs. One way around this is to call the house landline phone and then call forward it to the Metropcs.

Can you accept collect calls on cell phone if call are forwarded from a land line?

Yes you can

Is there a way to accept collect calls from prison on your cell phone for ftee?

No - the concept of collect calls is that the person being called pays for the call, instead of the person making the call.

How do you accept collect calls with a Verizon cell phone?

YES you can!!! Call Correctional Billings Systems or look them up online

How could you do a collect phone call?

dial a collect phone cal by dialing 0 it will charge the # you call

What phone number does an prison inmate call from start with?

100 calores

Can you call cell phones collect?

Yes, you can call a cell phone collect but the billing for such a call is tremendous. Another thing to remember is subscribers have the option to have all collect calls blocked. A prepaid phone or no contract phone commonly will not have the ability to receive collect calls either.

Can a inmate call a cell phone in the United States?

yes inmate can call to directly on your cell phone number.Here you can face one issue of high call rates so better use a number registered from Benefit of this will be that they will forward call to your phone number in cheap/lowest rates.

Can a collect call carrier send you to collections if you never signed a contract to receive calls?

Generally the liability for toll and collect calls in included in your phone companies very long and often small print. If this is a third-party collect call service, then you are considered to have accepted after pushing the button to accept the call when prompted.

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