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dial a collect phone cal by dialing 0 it will charge the # you call

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Q: How could you do a collect phone call?
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Can you call cell phones collect?

Yes, you can call a cell phone collect but the billing for such a call is tremendous. Another thing to remember is subscribers have the option to have all collect calls blocked. A prepaid phone or no contract phone commonly will not have the ability to receive collect calls either.

What parts of speech is collect?

"Collect" can be a verb, as in, "She wanted to collect butterflies". Or, "Collect" can be an adjective, as in, "I just made a collect phone call".

How do you remove a phone block on my home phone so a prison inmate can call collect?

Call your home phone provider, they will take away the phone block.

Is it bad to forward collect calls from your cell phone to your home phone?

It depends - if you're paying for the collect call - it'll be cheaper from the home-phone than the mobile.

What is the area code of a collect call?

Depending on what you mean by "the area code of a call," it's either the area code of the phone you're calling from or the area code of the phone you're ringing. The fact that the call is "collect" (reverse charges) is irrelevant.

How can you talk to Charles Manson?

If you wright to him and give him your phone number he can call you collect from prison.

Can you accept collect calls on cell phone if call are forwarded from a land line?

Yes you can

What is the American express international phone number?

336-393-1111 (call collect)

How do you make a collect call from the US?

0 800 890 0288 - AT&T English operator

How can you accept collect calls on metropcs?

No, i just called metro PCS and they said no. i called because i was unable to answer a collect call.

How could you call your lovable sister?

I call her on the phone.

How can one make an international collect call from Los Angeles to London?

A collect call can be made from LA to London by picking up the receiver and dialling 0. When speaking to the operator you must state you would like to make a collect call to England and provide the operator with the phone number.