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No, i just called metro PCS and they said no. i called because i was unable to answer a collect call.

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You cannot accept collect calls directly on Metropcs. One way around this is to call the house landline phone and then call forward it to the Metropcs.

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Q: How can you accept collect calls on metropcs?
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Do you any home telephone service that will accept collect calls from Albany jail house?

Does your home telephone service accept collect calls from Albany jail house?

How do you get jail collect calls on a straight talk phone?

There should be a system in place from the jail for accepting collect calls. It usually allows you to put funds into an account via credit card to accept collect calls from their specific phone number.

Can you accept collect calls on cell phone if call are forwarded from a land line?

Yes you can

Why can't inmates call cell phone numbers?

Most inmate calls are collect and most cell phones cannot accept collect calls.

Can straight talk phones accept collect calls somehow?

yes you can receive collect calls on straight talk phones but they are expensive.. 15.99 for 30 minute's

How do you accept collect calls with a Verizon cell phone?

YES you can!!! Call Correctional Billings Systems or look them up online

collect calls ?

collect call

How do you accept calls on tango?

press the icon to accept calls

Can prepaid cell phones except collect calls?

There are other independent companies who also have options for placing collect calls to cell phones. Fully automated service with txt message invoicing. ------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, some cellular phone providers are permitting collect calling to their mobile subscribers. Currently AT&T / Cingular, SprintNextel, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Alltel are allowing collect calls to be billed on their cell phone bills. For more information, refer to ------------------------------------------------------------- Updated as of February 2010. According to Customer Service Sprint does allow cell phones to accept collect calls.

Can a collect call carrier send you to collections if you never signed a contract to receive calls?

Generally the liability for toll and collect calls in included in your phone companies very long and often small print. If this is a third-party collect call service, then you are considered to have accepted after pushing the button to accept the call when prompted.

How much is it for a collect call you accept on your home phone from an inmate?

any where from 99 cents to 2.49 a minute. depending on what company they are calling collect from- at&t, sprint, Verizon are the ones that can do it. Careful with them collect calls. your bill wont be looking pretty

What cell phone company will accept collect calls from California state prisons?

There is a company in NY who developed a fully automated system for making collect calls to cell phones. The invoice for the call is actually sent by way of txt message directly to the cell phone.