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press the icon to accept calls

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Q: How do you accept calls on tango?
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Will calls made with Tango show up on your cell phone bill?


Can mytouch slide can have a video chat?

yes it can, there is a free app on the market called Tango video calls.

What is thermal decompsition?

tango tango tango tango tango tango tango tango

Do you any home telephone service that will accept collect calls from Albany jail house?

Does your home telephone service accept collect calls from Albany jail house?

Where can a person find the best place to make cheap calls?

There are some great apps which allow the user to make free phone calls. Four of these apps are Face Time, Bobsled Calling, Talkatone and Tango Video Calls. These apps allow for completely free calls when you have a cell phone.

How much is tango with added tango?

If it takes two to tango, it must take 4 to dance tango with added tango

National dance of Argentina?

The national dance of Argentina is the "Tango."

Can cell phones accept forward calls?

no they cant! only on text messages :)

How do you contact someone who doesn't accept incoming calls?

a lettera personal visit

Can you make calls using nexus 7?

It is possible to make calls on a Nexus 7 using a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) app. Google Voice, Tango, TextPlus, Skype, Talkatone, Groove IP are examples.

How does Tango music reflect the essence of tango dance?

Tango music reflect the essence of tango dance

What do this mean at the subscriber's request this phone does not accept incoming calls TX87058?

It simply means - the person who's number you have dialled, has set their phone to block anyone calling them. Maybe they don't want to be disturbed by telephone calls at the moment. They can change this setting at their discretion.