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Either call or go to the piercing shop and ask?

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Q: How much does a nose piercing cost at Irish ink?
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How much does a nose piercing cost in Vancouver BC?


How much does it cost to get your nose pierced at claire's?

Claire's does not do nose piercing. Claire's only does ear piercings.

How much does a nose piercing cost in Southampton Millennium?

I just got mine pierced and it cost around $45. It costs $35.

How much does a nose piercing cost in minnesota?

I paid $45.00 in Big Lake,MN w/Stainless Steel.

How much would a eyebrow piercing cost in Canada?

They obviously vary from tatoo places. my nose cost £15 so about €20. just google your nearest tatoo and piercing places and email them if they dont have prices on the website:)

How much do you think it would cost to get your nose pierced?

i paid 20. Edit: Here, [England] it cost £5-£10, it different depending on which piercing shop you go to.

How much do nose piercings cost in Yakima Washington?

At sonny's body piercing in union gap all piercings are $20 with jewelery and aftercare

What is a piercing on your nose called?

It is called a nose piercing.

Is it safe to get a nose piercing with a UTI?

Perfectly safe. The nose and the urinary tract are far from each other and shouldn't have much of an effect on piercing.

How much does a nose piercing hurt when piercing it and after?

A nose piercing hurts more when piercing it than after it is done. The pain generally lasts a few seconds and if done by a professional it hurts less because they use quality needles.

How much does it cost to get nose piercing in Georgia?

Mine was 40 dollars. (in Columbus, GA) But then your going to want to tip them. So an average of 50 dollars.

How much does a nose piercing cost in Edmonton?

Around $50. It all depends on the place you choose. Just google Piercing Edmonton to get a list of places where you can get it done. Most of them show prices on their webpages.