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At sonny's body piercing in union gap all piercings are $20 with jewelery and aftercare

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Q: How much do nose piercings cost in Yakima Washington?
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How much does it cost to have what if your helix pierced?

Helix piercings cost 50$

How much do piercings cost in NJ?

Any where from 25 to 50

How much does a piercing cost in port alberni?

all piercings cost different prices.

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Pick up the phone and call them.

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piercings are free u jst have to pay for the earring

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I HAVE IT DONE AND IT COST 25.99$ Piercing prices vary from city to city and area to area, the only way to find out how much it is going to cost is to phone your local studios and ask them how much and what is included in the price. Cheap piercings are not good, good piercings are not cheap.