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Until around fifty it is not true that if a women get her period early in life she will go through menopause earlier

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Q: How many years does a woman menstruate?
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How many times does a women menstruate in 1 year?

well a woman can have 12 periods a year so count that with how many years an average woman lives

Does a woman Menstruate whiles Pregnant?


How many years does a woman have her period for?

How many years a woman menstruates for depends on when she reaches menarche, when she reaches menopause, how often she is pregnant, whether she suppresses her menstrual cycles with hormonal birth control, if she has any health problems that prevents menstruation, and if she has a hysterectomy. On average women will menstruate from 13 years old to 55 years old.

How often does a healthy woman menstruate?

Typically, a woman of childbearing age should menstruate every 28 days or so unless she is pregnant or moving into menopause.

what is the period in the life of a woman where she begins to menstruate?


Is it possible for a woman to see her period and still pregnant?

No, clearly it's not possible for a woman to menstruate while pregnant.Menstruation is the process of the uterus lining shedding as a result of a woman not falling pregnant. A woman can bleed during pregnancy but she will not menstruate.

Does not occur the endometrium will decay and a woman will menstruate is called?


How many days in a month did a woman menstruate?

About once every 28 days. However, there may be differences between one woman and another, and between one period and another for the same woman.

Can a woman without a womb menstruate?

No. Menstruation is the shedding of the lining of the womb. No womb, no shedding.

Can A women pregnant if menstruation stop?

No, it's biologically impossible for a woman to menstruate while she is pregnant - a woman will only menstruate if she doesn't get pregnant during the last cycle. A woman can bleed during pregnancy for various reasons but this is fairly rare, chances are if you're menstruating you're not pregnant.

Can be a 41 years old girl pregnant?

Depends on the woman and it's usually harder but speak to your doctor. If you menstruate as normal there should be no problem. If nothing has happened in a year and you focus on your ovulation days, see a doctor. And if you are 41 you are not a girl but a woman.

How many days after implantation would a woman start menses?

Implantation is when a fertilised egg implants itself into the uterus lining - it means you are pregnant, and thus you would not menstruate.