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45-Day Period

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Q: What is the period in the life of a woman where she begins to menstruate?
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The period in the life of a woman where she begins to menstrate?


How many years does a woman menstruate?

Until around fifty it is not true that if a women get her period early in life she will go through menopause earlier

When do christians think life begins?

If this question is in regards of abortion matters. Life begins at conception. From the moment of conception, God is crafting a person in the womb of a woman.

How long does postmenopause last?

Post menopause begins a year after a woman's last menstrual period ends. It lasts the rest of her life unless she undergoes hormonal treatments to induce a menstrual cycle.

Life begins at?

life begins at

Can a transgender man have a period?

No.Yes."Transgendered man" means a man that was born female, and has identified as male, or taken hormonal and/or surgical steps to become male. Unless he has had a hysterectomy then it would be possible for him to have periods and become pregnant.

When does life really begins?

Life begins at conception.

What name is given to the period of a woman's life when her ovaries begin to become nonfunctional?


Why do Orthodox Jews treat the menstrual period like poison?

They don't do such a thing at all. According to Jewish law, when a woman has her period, it's considered the loss of a potential life. As such, there is essentially a mourning period during the woman's this time.

How many times do girls have period?

A period lasts for about 3-7 days every month and a woman has about 450 periods during her life.

What is the duration of Life Begins?

The duration of Life Begins is 3600.0 seconds.

What do you mean by life?

Life is that which begins with birth,a period of time for getting older,combaining with human needs,developing phycology and always in a journey but does not know what he or she is after.......and at last .........DEATH.

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