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When your pregnant you miss 10 months of periods but as soon as you give birth you are back to odd premenstrals again. Hope this helps

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Q: How many periods do you miss when you are pregnant?
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Why does a woman miss her period when she is pregnant?

If pregnancy may be in periods

Do women on birth control miss their periods if pregnant?

If a women is pregnant than she will miss all of her periods, until she gives birth. then she will have a period every 28 days like normal

Is it possible to miss two periods and be pregnant?

If you have had sex, pregnancy is a possibility.

What causes no period for months?

if you are pregnant it can cause you to miss some periods

Is a girl pregnant if they miss one period but get it the following month?

Not pregnant, but get a professional opinion about the reasons for missed periods.

Could you be pregnant you have had 2 periods in less then 18 days?

the only way you can tell if your pregnant with your period is if you miss it.

What would make you miss your period if you are not pregnant?

You can miss the periods for fear of pregnancy. You can miss the periods due to psychological stress also. Many times no cause can be found. It is better to consult the gynaecologist. She may prescribe some pills.

Could you get pregnant just on kissing each other and miss periods for 3 months?


Your periods are delayed are you pregnant?

If you think that you may be pregnant then take a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant or not. Late or missed menstruation does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant, you can miss your period for many reasons including stress or ill health.

Do you miss your period if you have clap?

No, but you might have bleeding in between periods. You may be pregnant and should check.

When you get pregnant how many weeks does it take for you to miss your first period?

You start missing periods as soon as you are pregnant. So if your period was due in two weeks or three weeks from conception - it won't happen.

Why do girls have monthly periods?

Girls get periods to prepare their bodies to have a baby when they are older. The blood comes from inside the uterus, in which the wall of the uterus sheds a fluid containing blood that isn't needed. It is needed when you get pregnant. That's why you miss periods if you are pregnant.

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