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less than 4000, more than 400, exact number classified.

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2013-02-14 09:49:00
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Q: How many megatons of nuclear weapons does Russia have?
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How many megatons of nuclear weapons in the world?

Very difficult to answer - since most countries are extremely secretive about the amount of nuclear weapons they have stockpiled.

How many nuclear weapons does russia have?

somewhere over 3000 as of 2013.

How many nukes is 10 megatons?

B53 nuclear bomb is nine megatons No public data is out on how large the largest megaton nuke really is but there are claims and reports that it is over 100 megatons.

How many counties have nuclear weapons?

Currently 9 countries possess nuclear weapons; The United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Does Russia still have nuclear weapons today?

Actually Russia now has 500 to 1000 more nuclear weapons than the USA due to limits set in the START treaty and they are higher yield, based on the fact that their ICBMs are less accurate than US ICBMs.

How many Muslim countries have nuclear?

Answer 1If you are asking for nuclear weapons Pakistan is the only Islamic country who have nuclear weapons. However, Iran's nuclear program is rumored to be intending to create a nuclear weapon in the near future. Answer 2Pakistanis the only Muslim country having a nuclear weapon.Iran is never trying to have a nuclear weapon as the nuclear weapon is a kind of mass destruction weapons that are forbidden to use per Islam teachings (and other God religions) because this nuclear weapon kills the child, the woman, the old, and the plants and pollutes the universe.However, it is to be known also that also India, Israel, and North Korea have nuclear weapons in addition to USA, Russia, China, France, and UK.

What do you think is meant arms race?

'Arms race' was the 'race' between America and Soviet Russia to develop as many nuclear weapons as possible.

What are harmful causes of nuclear weapons?

there are many harmful causes of nuclear weapons because whole hiroshima was destroyed of it

How many nuclear weapons does Iraq have?


How many nukes does Germany have?

They have no nuclear weapons

How many nuclear weapons does Bhutan have?


Which countries have nuclear weapons today?

Many countries have nuclear weapons today including the United States. China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan also have nuclear weapons.

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