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Santa is magical. He's like a god w/ elfs so basically in a few hours.

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Q: How many hours does Santa Claus have to deliver his gifts all around the world?
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How did Santa Claus come about?

Saint Nicholas lived from approximately 280 AD to 350 AD. He lived in what is modern day Turkey, and he gave gifts of gold to young unmarried girls who otherwise could not afford a dowry.The modern interpretation of Santa Clause comes from the Dutch (the pronunciation in Dutch is roughly San Nico Laus - which became Santa Claus).Although the real St Nick died nearly 1,700 years ago, every year during the holiday season there is still peace and love, and families get together and the children enjoy the joy of the season. And that is the real magic of Santa Claus.

If an alien landed at Christmas time name a Christmas tradition that would be hard to explain?

Santa Tree in house Caroling Kiss under mistletoe Exchange gifts

How can santa go up and down the chimny?

He drops down the gifts first then he carfully squezes down the chimny. When he's done he Climbs up the chimny using his strong muscles from carrying thoses gifts from years and years and climbs up the chimny without making any noise. If there is a metal cage around the top of the chimny he takes it off using his screw driver and hammer and when he's done he carfully puts it back to it's original state.

What were the three gifts that Zeus bestowed on Apollo?

Apollo was sometimes considered a refection of Zeus, a dependent upon his father's own powers. I do not know of any mythic gifts that Zeus granted to Apollo.

Why do Leo and Amanda write on chalkboards to each other in 13 gifts?

In the book it says that it's because of the argument they had when they were 11 in their book 11 Birthdays but in Finally when they were 12 they spoke to one another but in 13 gifts they supposedly haven't since the previous summer which in my opinion would be between Finally and 13 Gifts. I know it's not really the answer but It's the best I can figure out.

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Does Santa Claus come on the 24?

Yes, Santa departs on the 24th of December to deliver his gifts.

Does Holland have a Santa Claus?

No, the Netherlands don't have a Santa Claus. During Christmas there are no gifts under the tree. On the 5th of December Dutch people have a holiday called 'Sinterklaas' where a Santa Claus like man brings around gifts.

Why do Santa Claus give gifts?

Santa gives gifts to make people happy.

What is Santa Claus called in India?

According to the tales told about Santa Claus, he travels throughout the world delivering gifts to every child. However, some tales may say that he delivers to all children who celebrate Christmas. Therefore, he does go to India, either to deliver gifts to all children or just those who celebrate Christmas.

Who gives you gifts at Christmas?

Santa Claus

How many hours does Santa have to deliver all his gifts?

he has 24 hours to deliver all the presents around the world

Did anyone get gifts from real santa Claus?


Who brings gifts to children Scandinavians?

Santa Claus

Do Cubans get gifts from Santa Claus?

Yes, many of them do.

Who is Santa Claus and where does he live?

Santa Claus is a toymaker who brings gifts to children each year. He lives at the North Pole.

Where is Santa Claus living now?

Why Santa Claus is in the North Pole making gifts for the good children and bad children!

What does playing Santa Claus mean?

"Playing Santa Claus" means that you are being generous and buying gifts for other people.