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Tree in house


Kiss under mistletoe

Exchange gifts

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Q: If an alien landed at Christmas time name a Christmas tradition that would be hard to explain?
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What did the metric alien say when he landed on earth?

When the metric alien landed on Earth, he said, "TAKE ME TO YOUR LITER"

Who is alien Bob?

Alien bob is a alien that landed in the Kentucky river in 2009 4:37pm

What was the very first space probe that landed on an alien planet?

The probe "Venera 7" sent by the USSR was the first. It landed on the planet Venus, in 1970 I think.

Write a sentence with the word 'bizarre'?

the way the alien ship from space landed in my backyard was bizarre

Is George lucas alien?

yes how else do you explain Crystal Skull?

If a space alien entered the country would they be an illegal alien?

Yes, because they would not be a natural-born citizen of the United States, or whatever country they landed in. If they apply for citizenship first, and enter the country legally, then no. They would not be considered an illegal alien.

Can a iilegal alien win if he sues someonee?

Technically yes and no. If an alien landed in south Africa it would be property of the state government and would have to get a permission slip to leave!!! (I'm from Australia By The Way)

What is someone called who lives in the country but is not a citizen?

That depends on that person's status. He could be an alien, a visiting worker or a landed immigrant.

What was the name of that Sci fi movie where a man crash landed on a plant and met a alien slave and the alien gave birth?

It may have been "Enemy Mine" ~ look to the related link below for more information .

Explain what we mean when we say that a particular element has several isotopes?

May be alien

What does an alien from Mars eat?

Nothing. There is no evidence of life on Mars. Considering that spacecraft from the planet Earth have landed on Mars, we human beings from Earth are the Martians.

What historical event happened in Nevada?

An Alien Species Landed there in 1954 and the government covered it up and the site is now area 51