What time does Santa go to sleep?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Santa doesn't go to sleep until well after sunrise, on Christmas Day.

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Q: What time does Santa go to sleep?
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What time will Santa be in Florida?

it depends on his route. Santa will come when your asleep , if you don't go to sleep , he will just leave.

What time will Santa be in Illinois?

It depends where Santa starts his route. He usually comes when you're asleep. It doesn't matter when you're asleep, because if Santa is at your house, he'll wait until you go to sleep. If you don't go to sleep, Santa will most likely not come. It is usually between the hours of 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

What does Santa do when a child is still up?

Santa won't visit until children go to sleep!

What does moemoe mean in hawaiian?

Go to sleep or sleep time...... Go moemoe= go to bed\go to sleep

Does santa delivior presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Santa comes when all the little children are asleep. If u don't go to sleep u wont get presents. So go to sleep. Hope I helped. SadieRocks11

When to look for santa?

Go to sleep, leave some cookies and he'll come. Be nice.

When will you go to sleep?

at any time you want to. The last time you get to go to sleep is when ya die

What time does miley sleep?

she go to sleep at 11:00

Does Santa sleep upside down?

Santa is a very magical man. He can sleep any way he wishes!

Does Santa come on Christmas Eve or is it your parents?

Your parents put some presents under the tree for you, but after they go to sleep, santa comes and leaves some for you too.

What time should you go to sleep?

you should go to sleep at 9:00 because 10 is too late and 8 is too early.

How do you battle Santa claws in aqw?

you can only fight Santa claws when it is Christmas time. when it is Christmas time go to northlandlight to fight Santa claws